Gentle Carmel:
into the black dumb

"Gentle Carmel is a WEIRD book... Magic marker slop art jungle gives way to a blue muppet-y vision of the self surrounded by color lava, digital tricks and hella references to fast food. Retina spillage and madman murmurrrrz." — Quimby's Bookstore

"The second you open up Gentle Carmel... you are hit with some of the rawest art I have ever seen. I have no idea where this stuff comes from, but it is real and it is new.... The story of Gentle Carmel is out there. Pop-culture references are scattered throughout the pages while minimal text keeps the story in forward motion.... I feel confident saying that many nerds like me have felt lost at some point or another in their life, and Gentle Carmel has that and more." — Radio DePaul, Patrick Burns

Gentle Carmel never meant to rise from school punching-bag to Mexican hobo and desert-dwelling superhero. That fate was sealed when he sided with the water creatures. Beat-up at school for autism and haunted by a mysterious Hag at home, Carmel just wants to draw, shower and do stand-up. But when he sneaks into Mexico to find and murder the Hag, everything changes. He eats delicious fish, rides the rails, climbs peyote mountain and transforms into flames.

Artist and author Brian Schrank lets loose in this epic journey that bobs, weaves and bursts with experimental energy. Influences range from 80's cartoons, underground comics, shlock horror, cheap manga, and pop culture iconography. Schrank blends a dizzying range of styles together to tell the tale of a boy who has a broken mind but an unbroken spirit.

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paperback: 146 full-color pages
genre: graphic novel
dimensions: 8.5 x 0.4 x 11 inches
publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN-10: 148101482X
ISBN-13: 978-1481014823

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